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Tips to troubleshooting Domain Verifcation

Last Updated: Jun 05, 2013 04:45PM PDT
While we have tried to make Domain Verification a simple process we have seen a few users get tripped up in verifying their accounts.

Here are a few troubleshooting tips to help you get it right the first time!

1. Be sure that the domains match.
If you start the verification process by asking to verify but you set up your domain with your DNS host as (with the www.) tries to talk to the domain you tell it to. So, if you try to verify your domain without the "www." included, and does not forward to  then will not be able to find the follow button or HTML link.  

The same goes for DNS TXT record verification.  If your TXT record is under the domain and you try to verify with, our crawler will not be able to read that TXT recored when it looks at your website.

2. DNS TXT record verification may not be an option.
If your domain host doesn't provide a DNS TXT record you will need to opt for the follow button or plain HTML link options.

3. For DNS TXT record verification: 'Host' must be listed as "@" or be left blank. When you are adding a DNS TXT record to your domain you will be asked to list a "Host" when you create the record. You must add an "@" or leave that field blank (if possible).

4. If you want to put the follow button or plain HTML link on a subdomain.  If you would prefer to put the follow button or plain HTML link on a subdomain (for example then you must enter that subdomain when beginning the verification process.  The subdomain is also what will be displayed on your ADN profile page. verification will not work with subfolders (for example,

5. If you are verifying a WordPress site, clear your cache.  If you're running a caching plugin on your WordPress site that you are trying to verify then you should clear the cache before you attempt to verify that domain.

Click here for the steps to verify your domain with

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